Today noise is a common workplace problem. With the advent of the open-space office environment, employees are complaining that noise is having an impact on their work. The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) found that 70 percent of office workers believe their productivity would be higher if their environment was less noisy. You have even less control over background noise around you when you working away from the office in a hotel room, the airport or a coffee shop.  And unless you have a soundproofed home office, working at home may not provide a sound-free environment.

Background noise also can seriously hinder communication with your small business customer or prospect. For starters, background noise is transmitted down the phone so your customer may have trouble hearing you clearly.  Since noise is distracting, you may not be giving your customer the degree of attention required, which leads to misunderstandings and your inability to collect needed information accurately. There’s also the issue of protecting customer information on a screen. In a noisy environment, your voice may rise as you try to convey the information you are reading so that others in range may hear you.

Noise cancelling headsets improve customer interactions
Since successful customer service and sales calls greatly matter to your small business; you want to ensure positive interactions on the phone. When poor call quality began to pose a problem for the sales and account management teams at HasOffers, a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) performance tracking solution for online advertising campaigns, the company knew it needed to do something. (See: HasOffers Makes a Savi Choice to Boost Sales Performance. )

Like many growing companies, HasOffers was adding personnel faster than its office space could accommodate. For the sales and account management team, this meant sharing very close quarters. Conducting phone conversations or product demos over web conferencing was becoming more and more challenging with everyone sitting right next to each other. According to Patrick Hearron, HasOffers sales team manager, “It was hard to hear the person on the other end of the call because of all the surrounding noise.”

HasOffers solved its call quality problem with Plantronics Savi Wireless Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) Headset System. Savi’s noise-canceling microphone filters out background noise so that the teams no longer have trouble conducting phone conversations or demos. “Call clarity is excellent, which is what a customer expects when calling into a leading technology provider,” said Hearron.

Voyager Focus UC
Among Plantronics newest offerings to enhance small business communications is the Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth headset. It enables your small business employees to move seamlessly between PC and smartphone calls. The new headset features on-demand Active Noise Canceling (ANC) so users can focus on calls or work and precision tuned triple-mic with enhanced DSP for superior background noise cancelling.

With its high-quality stereo design, the Voyager Focus UC provides hi-fi stereo sound and a more immersive experience. Smart sensors answer calls by simply putting on the headset, mute by taking off the headset and pause music for incoming calls. Also it unique Dynamic Mute Alert senses and alerts employees when they try to talk when muted.

Find out more about the new Voyager Focus UC and other Plantronics headsets for your small business sales team.