Your customer’s preferences are changing.  In the past, their default action would have been to pick up the phone.  Now, well they still pick up the phone, but they’re probably using it to get a hold of your automated FAQs.  Yet what happens when your IVR can’t address your customer’s issue and your website or social channels aren’t sophisticated enough to provide a resolution? Your customers choose voice.

So, the number of phone calls isn’t going down in absolute volumes, but with the proliferation of channels, it is going down percentage-wise.  And with customers increasingly sharing opinions about service quality on social media, the phone call is rapidly becoming a ‘moment of truth’.  This is now becoming one of the decreasingly few chances you get to impact customer perception and loyalty.

But what if the call goes wrong? How do we identify the issue and take the appropriate actions?  How can we assess if our employees need further training, or if customer calls are going unanswered?

Plantronics and Interactive Intelligence, two companies with a history in innovation, are partnering to help give organisations a greater understanding around the phone call ‘moment of truth’.  Join us on December 3rd at 8am PST/11 am EST to learn what we can accomplish together and the striking analytics that will be possible in the near future.  Register, now.