Remote working is what most people are now used to. That may be 100 percent remote or a few days per week as offices are re-opening. But what about the communications tools that remote workers were ‘used to’ even before Covid days? Those they feel make them as productive as possible, like the familiar desk phone. Poly’s latest persona research shows that 25 percent of enterprise employees still expect desk phones for home use. This can be a deployment, configuration, and maintenance nightmare for IT – just adding to the hybrid working chaos. Fear no more…

Poly is pleased to help tame the IT chaos with the CCX 505, the latest addition to our CCX Business Media Phone line with easy built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that is simple to connect and simple to use – perfect for the home office.

Remote Working is Tough:

A major challenge for remote working is feeling confident when in meetings and taking calls. The ideal work environment definitely doesn’t include the loud background noise or lack of connectivity that often come with a home office. These are the common pain points that Poly is dedicated to solving for remote workers, and that’s where the CCX 505 Business Media Phone comes in.

With award-winning audio technology such as Poly HD Voice and Poly Acoustic Clarity, users hear every nuance, voice inflection and social audio que, so they can communicate with confidence. Of course, those on the other end of the call or meeting need to hear clearly also. Fortunately, Poly’s Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock AI eliminate distracting background noise, so one never has to worry about an untimely doorbell or pet.

The CCX 505 at Home

The CCX 505 would typically be considered an in-office communication tool. However, with the easy built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and advanced technology, it is a go-to selection for home desk phones. (Just be sure to pick up an accessory power supply, since the CCX 505 comes with a Power Over Ethernet cable by default.)

The CCX 505 features a five-inch color touchscreen—just one tap and you have access to all your contacts, meetings and settings. All CCX phones run on the Poly UC Software, powered by Android 9, providing an ever-evolving platform with features that can be updated via the cloud. Android 9 is already set to update in advance of our Microsoft Teams certification renewal, which is detailed in this Poly article.

The CCX 505 easily pairs with Poly headsets for hands free flexibility. The choice in USB ports, with a USB A and USB C both available on one desk phone, allows users to plug in their preferred headset or tether your phone to the laptop, using it as a speakerphone with a handset.

The CCX Family

The CCX 505 is the most recent model to join the Wi-Fi club, but the CCX family has a product for any workstyle or persona. The CCX 600 and CCX 700, for example, feature larger screens to better meet the needs of management teams or a Connected Executive. The CCX 700 in particular offers an integrated camera, which aligns best with those who require video through Zoom and other service providers. Although our CCX 505 works great with your team’s Remote Collaborator, if you don’t need a touchscreen interface, the Poly VVX 250, VVX 350 and VVX 450 are also great options that can be Wi-Fi enabled by adding a Poly USB Wi-Fi adapter.

How to Purchase the CCX 505 IP Phone

The CCX 505 is available in August so give your service provider a call and encourage them to make the switch! Or take some time and visit our Poly Desk Phones page to learn more about the CCX line.