Like any mid-sized company, Plantronics runs it’s own contact centre – ours is based in Hoofddorp, Amsterdam. You can see a video of ithere. Running it in Amsterdam gives us great access to people with multiple language skills.

We’re very proud if this contact centre, and the results that it achieves. The people that we recruit often go onto successful careers elsewhere in the organisation, and in the past I’ve been very proud of this – to the extent that I’ve called the contact centre an incubator of talent for the rest of the company.

My thought recently is that we’ve got this the wrong way around. If we were really focused on delivering customer service as a primary function of the organisation, then we should be promoting people INTO the contact centre. Customer service should be the final destination of a succesful career, rather than the start point.

I doubt that we are alone in working this way, but you wonder how much better customer service could be if organisations turned themselves around like this.