Are companies really starting to reward customer effort?  Currently we seem to inversely reward it – it takes a lot of effort to write a letter, determine the correct address to send it to, and then post it, and yet companies take a very long time to answer this type of interaction.

Contrast that with how much effort it takes someone to tweet, or post an update to other social media sites.  Very minimal amount of time,and yet organisations jump onto these interactions and respond very quickly to them.

So it’s interesting to see this research from Azzuri that indicates that post is growing faster than Facebook as a channel for customer interactions.

There could be many reasons for this, not least of which is that no actual numbers are quoted, only the change, so post may be working from a much smaller base.  It may also be that social media is handled by the marketing departments.

Either way, companies talking about customer effort need to review every channel and determine if they are easy to deal with across all of them.