Microsoft Phone System is technology that enables call control and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) capabilities in the Office 365 cloud with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Phone System works with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business Online clients and certified devices. Phone System allows you to replace your existing PBX system with a set of features directly delivered from Office 365 and tightly integrated into the company’s cloud productivity experience.1

If your company has decided to migrate from its current voice platform to Microsoft Teams, you may want to be all-in-the-Microsoft cloud for voice or connected to your own carrier. Maybe, you’ll have a mix between the two; needing to retain some functionality provided by your current on-premises PBX deployment while integrating part of your communications environment on Microsoft Phone System. Once you’ve made the decision to migrate, how do you proceed? Poly can help you take the next step and ensure your migration goes smoothly.


Are you ready to get started on the voice migration journey? With limited IT staff, you may be asking yourself, “What are the blind spots we aren’t experienced with? What are the risks to our business operations if there are issues with our migration to a Microsoft Phone System?”

Many organizations see the task of moving from their current PBX to Microsoft Phone System as daunting for the following reasons:

  • the size of the project
  • the time it will take
  • lack of internal resources
  • not having enough in-depth understanding and experience with Microsoft Phone system

However, it’s likely that your biggest fear is that during the process of migrating, mistakes will take your phone system down. Without the right help, it can take months to plan where to start – or even find the right tools.


Any move from one PBX platform to another requires expertise, careful planning and the time to do so. Poly Professional Services is here to help. At Poly, we have skilled, technical experts, including Microsoft Most Valued Professionals, who are experienced with the unique challenges of planning, assessments, and deployments who can make your migration easier and faster. We can help you quickly assess and plan for a voice migration journey from your traditional IP based PBX solution to Microsoft Phone System.


Your first step is to assess and analyze what you have and what it would take to migrate to Microsoft Phone System. Our Poly PBX Assessment Service for Microsoft Teams is designed to ease your mind about this type of project. This service can help you maximize data integrity, minimize financial risk and free your internal resources to work on other projects—or more simply put, ensure a seamless migration.

This two-day remote service provides you with the necessary help to assess, analyze, and map the full configuration of your source PBX environment into an assessment summary report. Through understanding your needs, schedule, and business expectations, this service provides total transparency into this system(s) configurations of your PBX(s)—including user names and numbers, call flows, activated features, ring patterns, hunt and pickup groups, E164 normalization, voicemail, and more. At the end of the engagement we provide an assessment summary report which includes key insights; a full PBX review; end-users and extensions analysis; feature parity and device summary reports with breakdowns.

This level of information will help you accelerate the planning and migration assessment process significantly – taking days for an assessment rather than weeks/months.


  1. Migration costing – specifying what can be migrated automatically and what will require manual work and resources.
  2. Migration challenges outlook – providing the ability to know up-front where the migration challenges will be and address them specifically.
  3. Detailed devices inventory and mapping – a critical aspect of evaluating a migration project is visibility of the devices in place, what needs to be replaced and what is enabled by employee profiles.
  4. Unique data – the service assesses specific data sets with unique value in the legacy PBX, which can be analyzed per request.

Getting started is easy. Visit our website to learn more about the Poly PBX Assessment Service for Microsoft Teams and our complete portfolio of Professional Services for Microsoft Teams or contact your Poly partner to start your migration journey to Microsoft Phone System.