The Consumer Electronics Show known simply as CES, is a major technology trade show held every January, typically in Las Vegas Convention Center.  Not open to the public, CES hosts previews of new products and technologies from giants like Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft.  CES has become an opportunity to show off the coolest and most revolutionary gadgets in the industry.  Here is what CES 2013 has had to offer.

Day 1:

  • The PaperTab is unveiled, a high-res plastic display PC prototype. This prototype has a 10.7in plastic display that is bendable and can be dropped on a desk.  Think of an electronic newspaper you could roll up and carry around.
  • Samsung re-announces their OLED TV (which they announced last year at CES as well). These TVs have amazing colors, and allow two wearers of 3D glasses to watch separate videos at the same time.  LG will be release their own OLED TV’s within a few months, however Samsung hasn’t released a ship date.
  • Toyota shows off what they call an autonomous car, focuses on safety features like blind spot monitoring, pre-collision systems, and lane assist.
  • HAPILABS, a health and fitness company, announces a “Smart Fork” that detects how quickly you eat and helps you slow down to eat at a healthier pace.

Day 2:

  • ASUS announces Transformer AiO, a Windows 8 All-in-one that transforms in an android tablet.  It starts as a Windows 8 18.4 inch desktop with a core i3 processor and Nvidia GT 730M GPU running Windows 8.  The screen detaches and becomes an Android tablet running Jelly Bean 4.1 on an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor.
  • Samsung announces its OLED televisions will be slightly curved to offer a panorama effect.
  • Central Standard Time announces their watch CST-01 E Ink, the worlds thinnest watch.  It has a micro energy cell battery is rechargeable and can be charged 100,000 times.
  • Gorilla Glass 3 is announced, claims to be triple the strength.  Gorilla Glass is an alkali-aluminosilicate glass that’s chemically strengthened via a process called ion exchange.  The 3rd edition is supposed to be even more scratch resistant and three times more damage resistant.

Day 3:

  • Microsoft shows off Surface Pro , which is accepted much better than the Surface RT.  The Pro has a beautiful 10.6 inch ClearType Full HD display at a 1920×1080 resolution.  It runs a core i5 processor that allows it to use the Pro version of Windows 8, granting access to the full desktop apps. It also sports a built in kickstand and touch cover.   No information on price yet.
  • LG Shows off “Smart” fridge.  Has an air filtration system to help keep food as fresh as possible and monitors conditions dynamically to make changes on the fly if needed.
  • Vizio shows off 7 inch Tablet prototype.  Running android Jelly Bean, it could be a serious competitor for the Kindle and Nexus 7.

Day 4:

  • Samsung shows off a prototype phone with a flexible display.  Imagine a phone that can bend! They showed the phone bending with no distortion to the colors or icons.
  • Dacor shows off Android based oven.  Yes an Oven.  Running a 1Ghz processor, 512MB of RAM, and Android 4.0.3, and a 7 inch LCD touch panel.  The built in cooking app offers preprogrammed dishes and you can cook food remotely from any Android device.
  • The “Genius Ring Presenter” is a tiny wearable mouse that goes over your finger, and allows you to easily present meetings without restrictions.

The most exciting Announcement for me is the Razor Edge, a 10 inch Widows 8 gaming tablet. No matter what you are into, there is always something interesting at CES.