Poly is pleased to introduce the Poly Edge B Series IP Phones, our newest IP desk phone family with a stylish design and the famous professional-grade audio customers have come to expect from Poly. “The overall design and functionality of the Poly B Series IP Phones hit the entry-level sweet spot for small businesses, emerging markets, and even some enterprise use cases,” says Osman Bicakci, Product Portfolio Manager for Poly Edge B Series Phones. The Edge B Series phones are available in 2- and 4-line key models supporting 8- and 16- line key assignments.  

Fast access at a Touch of a Button 

Poly Edge B10 and B20 allow users to quickly cycle through and access available features like speed dials and extra lines with a fast access pagination key. The B10 and B20 devices each support two hard-line buttons and four additional pages for fast access. The Poly Edge B30 has four hard-line keys providing access to sixteen additional key assignments in the same fashion.  

Cut Out the Background Noise 

Eliminating background noise keeps your conversations on track. Poly does this with our proven Acoustic Fence technology that is built into every Poly Edge B Series phone. Pick up the handset or use your corded headset, and the background noise around you—background conversations, typing, dogs barking, leaf blowers blowing—disappears at the other end of your call.  

At-a-Glance Status with Key Illumination 

On mute? Not on mute? “Can you go on mute please” is the dreaded productivity-stopping phrase we increasingly hear on our calls. With the Poly Edge B Series phones, the mute key illuminates when selected. There is never a question of whether your phone is muted or not. You can easily see it at-a-glance. We replicated this design featured with the speakerphone or headset select keys, which also illuminate when selected. 

Headsets to Complement your Workstyle 

The Poly Edge B Series ensures connectivity to the headset of your choice.  For those that prefer the reliability of a wired connection, we’ve tested the Poly Blackwire 3300 and 5200 Series (using 3.5mm plug) and Poly EncorePro 500 and 700 Series headsets (using RJ-9). For users who desire headset mobility, range, and security, the Poly Savi 7200 and 8200 Series headsets can be used with the addition of the APD-80 EHS cable.  Alternatively, a Poly Voyager Office Base with either a Voyager 4300 UC Series or a Voyager Focus 2 headset gives the ultimate flexibility to connect your computer and headset to your Poly Edge phone. No matter your work style, we have you covered. 

Easy to Provision and Install 

Deploying the Poly Edge phones is a snap.  Poly Device Management Service provides a central, secure portal to stage, deploy, and manage the Poly Edge phones from anywhere. Using our exclusive Poly Voice Software Lite (PVOS Lite) software, internet telephony service provides can deploy phones without any technicians touching the phones. This zero-touch provisioning option means no more need to dispatch a technician to set up and install the phones.  Just plug it in, and the phone is ready to use right out of the box.  

Coming soon to a desktop near you 

Many of our Service Providers and Strategic Alliance partners are currently in the process of onboarding the Poly Edge B Series as supported phones on their respective UCaaS platforms. Each provider has its own onboarding process and schedule, but we know that some are already pursuing adding Poly Edge B Series phones on a fast track—so stay tuned. Until then, you can learn more about the Poly Edge B Series IP phones and download the datasheet by visiting www.poly.com/edge-b-series.