If you’re like me, one of the first things you do when you leave the house in the morning is put on your headset. I may be joining a meeting, calling a friend, getting coffee – sometimes all three – before I even set foot in the office. When I get to work, I’m collaborating with teammates who are in home and Poly offices throughout the country and world.

Here at Poly, we understand that every minute counts and that a good headset is a true partner in productivity. I’m pleased to announce two new outstanding features to our Voyager headsets that are going to help you get more out of your devices.

First, we have integrated Amazon Alexa into Voyager 5200 and Voyager 4200 UC Series. Just tap-and-ask, and Alexa will respond so you can focus on your tasks at hand. With Alexa built-in you can check your schedule, your to-do list or catch up on the latest news. And because Alexa lives in the cloud, it’s always getting smarter with new capabilities delivered to your device automatically.

Sounds useful, right? But say you accidentally left your headset at the coffee shop on your way into the office. You know you put it somewhere. Misplacing your headset, especially when you need it the most, can be frustrating, so we partnered with Tile, which makes finding your Voyager headset easy. Tile also comes with Voyager 5200 Series and Voyager 4200 UC Series, integrated right into the headset so you can literally “ring” it. When any user in Tile’s global network comes within range of your missing headset, the Tile app will notify you about its most recent location…like, the coffee shop.

For more information on Alexa built-in on our Voyager 4200 UC and Voyager 5200 headsets, please visit here. More information about these Voyager headset model integrations with Tile is available here.