I’m surprised when I get an email from someone and it lacks an email signature. A signature makes it easier for me to get back in touch – especially with click-to-call features these days on smartphones or VoIP. You can debate about putting your email address in your signature, but I think it makes it more hassle-free for the receiver.

As important as being convenient for the recipient, your email signature is an important marketing tool. Whether you send out just a few emails a day or many, every time one goes out, you have an opportunity to showcase your company and promote your brand. Email signatures also are a great way to integrate and support your social media marketing efforts.

Having said this, you don’t want your email signature to be too overwhelming and include every possible way to reach you. You’ve probably seen those emails that include desk phone, mobile, home phone, Skype, fax and an intergalactic satellite number.  I don’t know where to begin.  (This is where Find Me/Follow Me come in particularly handy.)

There are lots of opinions on what should go into your signature.  Here’s what I suggest; it’s six lines.

  • Name
  • Title
  • Email address
  • Best number to reach you (or single number reach service such as Google Voice)
  • Website
  • Links to your key social media network – LinkedIn, Twitter, your blog

Also it’s a good idea to create two versions of your email. Use the long one for initial contact and have a shorter one for replies.

If you want your email to stand out even more, there are a number of services that can help you jazz it up beyond just color and font.  In “6 Ways to Enhance Your E-mail Signature,” Christine Erickson suggests a few to ‘show off your personality and skill set.”  Among them, I particularly like WiseStamp, which enables you to include a range of apps in your signature, including Tweets, a QR code or even your Pinterest page. Check out the others. There are a lot of ways to make your email signature pop!