If you walk the halls of any office today, you’re bound to see people communicating and collaborating with any number of devices and services – whether they are corded headsets to Bluetooth devices or any combination of desk phones, mobile handsets or internet based platforms. In fact, our research shows that today’s average professional uses 7 devices at work. While employees may benefit from the flexibility that these various devices offer, IT managers know all too well how difficult it can be to troubleshoot and identify issues for employees as a result.

In an effort to help our partners diagnose the source of any audio issue in this brave new world, Plantronics is releasing a new version of its Software-as-a-Service offering, Plantronics Manager Pro v3.10, that allows IT departments to identify and troubleshoot Bluetooth link connections between supported Plantronics headsets and USB adapters. The report represents a first for both Plantronics Manager Pro and the industry, and in conjunction with the rest of the Conversation Analysis suite provides a wealth of information on headset usage, adoption and acoustic-related data.

With more people working remotely from public spaces such as coffee shops, train cars or airports, providing IT with tools that can monitor the Bluetooth radio link in these unpredictable environments means a faster time to resolution.

The report uses a Quality Impairment Score that shows, at a glance, which users are suffering from audio degradation. The score accounts for packet errors and other related data, with the higher scores indicating greater levels of degradation. Once identified, the source of this high score can then be investigated to determine possible causes such as the headset exiting the range of the USB adapter, interference from other wireless devices in the area or poor positioning of the USB adapter. To learn more about the new Bluetooth Link Quality report, visit this link.

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