As part of our mission to support hybrid workers and take steps towards meeting equality, Poly continues to develop solutions for every workstyle and situation, which leads us to the introduction of our newest USB video bar for small rooms: Poly Studio R30 

Certified for Zoom and with Microsoft Teams certification pending, Poly Studio R30 shares many of the same functionalities and features found on other Poly video bars but is optimized for small room performance at a small room price. At an MSRP of $799, this USB video bar packs quite the punch with a built-in speaker, 4k camera with a 120-degree field-of-view, 3-element beam-forming microphone array, and Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology. 

With Poly Studio R30, we strategically chose the most important group video elements from our larger group devices and combined them with some user-friendly attributes of our personal devices, like USB connectivity and a removable monitor clamp, to create a device that is thoughtfully optimized for small meeting rooms.  

We’ve doubled down on elements of the videoconferencing experience that are crucial for hybrid meetings. Poly DirectorAI technology is the brain behind our cameras, delivering features like group framing, speaker framing and presenter tracking. It’s like your meeting room director whose job is to make sure that everyone is seen clearly and has an equitable seat at the table. 

We accomplish this by thoughtfully crafting a set of production rules, inspired by TV and movies, using machine learning and AI to automate those rules based on the dynamics of your meeting. The magic all happens in the camera; it uses facial recognition algorithms and voice triangulation to identify the nuances of your meeting and then create the best frame based on those nuances as well as your preferences.  

No meeting is the same, and that’s why Poly Studio R30 provides you with the flexibility to use the best framing mode for your unique situation. Scaling down to a small room price also means that this experience is more accessible than ever before.  

With the introduction of Poly Studio R30, we continue to build out our strong portfolio of certified USB video bars with a dedicated solution for every size room.

  • Poly Studio P15 is optimized for your home office or in a personal space at the office such as a focus room.  
  • Poly Studio R30 has got your small conference rooms covered for all its USB video bar needs.  
  • Poly Studio USB is ideal for those mid-sized rooms that are a bit too big for Poly Studio R30.  With stereo speakers, impressive camera performance, and the option to add an expansion mic, Poly Studio makes the perfect device for those “in-between” rooms.  

Our portfolio of USB video bars, including the newly introduced Poly Studio R30, provides an accessible and professional video conferencing option for meeting rooms of every size. Regardless of what company you work for, what industry you are in, and where your work is getting done, Poly’s collaboration solutions ensure you an equal seat at the virtual meeting table. 

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