As much as I am loath to propose another new measure for contact centers, I wonder whether there is a measure that can provide a high level barometer for a companies approach to customer service.

Rather than use measures that tell us about past performance, can we find something that would give an indication on future performance?  Here’s some ideas…

Number of calls the CEO has taken in the contact centre this month. If they are taking calls, then there is a high likelihood of them being interested in the experience of the agents or the customer, and hence having a desire to improve it. 

Number of call recordings from the contact centre played at board meetings – especially poor customer experiences. Again, is the senior management team interested in the customer experience or are just the financial reviewed?

Training sessions delivered by the contact centre to other areas of the business.  The contact centre is often a lightning rod for errors made by other parts of the business, so how often does it train other areas on improvements based on direct customer feedback?

The aim of all these measures is to understand the commitment of an organization to customer service. Do they believe in customer service?