Plantronics recently unveiled the new Voyager 3200 Series Bluetooth® headsets, an evolution of our Voyager Edge headsets. The Voyager 3200 Series features an ergonomic, in-ear design along with a host of features including three-mic noise-cancelling technology, dynamic mute alert, smart sensors, voice alert and nearly 100 feet of wireless range.

Packing these advanced features into a small, stylish form factor is no easy task. We sat down with Bowman Wang, Director of Industrial Design at Plantronics to go behind the scenes of the design process.

Behind the Design: Plantronics Voyager 3200 series

Silicon Ear Tip Design

How did you approach the redesign of the Voyager Edge?

The new color, materials and finish (CMF) are aligned with the latest trends in fashion and design.  We actually started the design strategy for the Voyager 3200 Series during the original Voyager Edge product development, but had to revisit our predictions in order to ensure their accuracy.


How do the design improvements of the Voyager 3200 Series from the Voyager Edge incorporate the larger Plantronics design philosophy?

Plantronics’ goal is to enhance and improve the daily lives of our end users, by keeping end users “in the zone” while concentrating on their work, or by smoothing out their “communication chaos” while on mobile calls or teleconferencing.  Our design improvements respond to consumer feedback and incorporate technological advancements, while producing a product that we feel is visually appealing.

Plantronics Voyager 3200 Series Design

Leather Top Voyager 3200 Series

What went into the design of the new charging case?

We reviewed user feedback of our Voyager Edge and found an opportunity to improve the docking of the charge case for the Voyager 3200 Series. We developed quite a few prototypes in order to develop a new charging case that accommodates the headset with an earloop attached. We improved the docking mechanism for a “quick draw” release and have created a more secure, high quality all-purpose attachment leather strap. The redesigned charging case features up to 10 extra hours of talk time which is major feature for mobile workers who rely on the backup charge.

Behind the Design: Plantronics Voyager 3200 series

Voyager 3200 Series Charge Case Design

What feedback helped you improve the design of the Voyager 3200 Series Charge Case?

We received quite a bit of positive feedback on the look and feel of the charge case. The consensus is that the CMF is spot on with design trends. The goal was to design an accessory that is simple and effortless. We want the user to feel that the product is part of his or her daily life. It should function as a personal accessory like glasses, wallets, purses, a favorite fountain pen, etc.


Are there any differences in the design of the ear tip between Voyager Edge and Voyager 3200 Series?

Yes, there are subtle but impactful differences in the design of the ear tip. We consulted with our in-house UF/UX team and ended up modifying the material and geometry of the ear tip to increase the comfort and feeling in the ear.

Behind the Design: Plantronics Voyager 3200 series

Noise Cancelling Mic Design for Voyager 3200 Series

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