If you are going to school this Fall, education will likely look quite different. Although many plans are still in flux, administrators around the world are preparing their students and teachers for “hybrid” or “blended” learning approaches.

Some educational institutions may go back to the classroom, others will remain teaching online 100%, and some are taking a hybrid approach where teachers will have some students in the classroom and some at home.  A hybrid model allows for maximum flexibility but requires the most change management for educators, students, and IT staff, as everyone starts the new school year soon.

In this post, I will share how Poly solutions can help hybrid learning experiences, no matter where class participants are located. Whether you are at home, in the classroom, or hybrid, these are our top tools for helping students stay engaged, feel connected, and remain focused on learning.


Poly Studio USB

To accommodate a teacher’s natural style, Presenter Tracking on the Poly Studio USB video bar allows teachers to move around the classroom or their home while being seen in stunning 4K clarity. Additionally, this device features simple USB connectivity – so teachers can get their virtual classrooms up and running fast.


Blackwire 8225

If you have two students distance learning in the same room, the Poly Blackwire 8225 is the ideal headset, as it was designed specifically to keep the user distraction-free and in the zone. Our robust Acoustic Fence technology keeps unwanted background noise out of the lesson for both ends of the call, while its simple corded design is easy for all ages to use.


Voyager 5200_poly blog

To help your remote students hear you clearly, use the Poly Voyager 5200. This discrete, portable Bluetooth headset has wind and noise cancellation and a rigorously tested ergonomic design for all-day comfort.



EagleEye Mini_Poly blog

Regardless if you’re the teacher or the student, having high-quality video allows classroom participants to feel like they are in the same room together. The EagleEye Mini is a small USB camera that is easy to use from home or the classroom. This smart little camera packs a punch with high definition 1080p video, electronic pan, tilt, and 4x zoom so everyone can see your expressions.



During lessons conducted over video, NoiseBlockAI baked into the Poly Studio X family, Studio USB, and G7500 prevents unwanted sounds from getting into the call and ensures your voice transmits clearly.

With many unknowns ahead, the good news is that there are tools that can make your remote education experience seamless and enjoyable for all. If you are an educator and have questions, reach out to our Poly consultants to navigate through scenarios and best practices or, view our education brochure on Poly’s education page for ideas.

Whatever your return to school might look, have some fun with these virtual LEARN-ing reminders:

  • Lists are a great way to compile reminders, class agendas, video etiquette, etc. Circulate them ahead of time as points to reference to set expectations with students.
  • Engage with your audience. This means look into the camera to create the best impression of “eye contact” with students joining remotely. If you can, stand up and walk around – teach as naturally as possible. Remember, even though you are on camera, you don’t have to be speaking every second of your lesson.  Have natural conversations with your students as if you were in the same room.
  • Assist your lesson with video tool extensions such as interactive whiteboards, videos, content sharing, Q&A, chat, polls, and other methods to enhance the online experience. Adapt your techniques to your audience over time.
  • Review and repeat instructions to establish new habits and get everyone (students and parents) on the same page for the new normal.
  • Nurture participation. Be patient, encourage feedback, and live interaction to engage with all students.

For teachers, students, and parents alike, take a deep breath. With the proper communications tools, the right etiquette, and a little patience you will be ready when the school bell rings and we go back to learning.

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