About Chris Moss

Chris Moss is the Vice President, Sales CTO of Poly. In this role, he ensures we have a deep understanding of customer requirements, and through close partnership with product development prioritize those needs. His team also delivers a cohesive and unified process for customer-field-business unit technology alignment, enablement and new product introduction for sales success. Prior to joining Poly, he was Senior Director, Worldwide Collaboration CTO at Cisco where he was responsible for refining, evolving and projecting Cisco’s global collaboration technology strategy and vision by tightly aligning sales and market requirements with product development. Mr. Moss has over 20 years of experience in the CRM and Collaboration industries. He has held numerous Product Management and Technical Leadership positions at Avaya and Accenture where he led large scale and complex architecture implementations in the financial services vertical. Mr. Moss also holds intellectual property in the customer contact arena. Mr. Moss resides in the Northwestern suburbs of Dallas with his wife Nicole and four children. He holds an Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Louisiana.