According to a new Robert Half UK survey, 38% of HR directors plan to offer remote working options during the first half of 2012. For companies to remain on top of workplace trends, IT must prepare for remote workers’ needs and supply tools that make sure, despite an absence of physical presence, their voices are heard loud and clear.

For both office and remote based workers, performance of the headset, interoperability, and increased mobility are key.

IT departments that stay abreast of cutting edge audio technology and issue headsets with the best noise-cancellation technology, DSP, voice-dedicated DECT, and wind-isolating technology, that will capture voice in high resolution and make workers sound as natural as possible, make the headset experience positive for both the end user and the person on the other end of the call.

What about employees bringing in their own devices? Headsets that are interoperable and work seamlessly with whatever hot new tablet is being used at home as well as the deskphone at work, make it easy to switch devices, yet maintain stellar audio. Plus, smaller and more discrete headset design makes for less intrusion while on Skype video or FaceTime chats in public places.

More and more studies stress the importance of standing up and stretching throughout the long workday, even some stressing how sitting is actually killing you! A reminder to stand sounds rather odd doesn’t it? But feeling corded to ones desk happens more often than not. One of the cures is to wear a headset  – not only does it free you from your desk and allow freedom of movement about the office and beyond, but it has also been proven to eliminate and reduce back and neck pain, as shown in our recent research with Anglo-European College of Chiropractic.

Noise spillover is a big factor when working in an office environment. Headsets that reduce surrounding noise using advanced wideband audio for high definition noise quality, like the Plantronics Savi W740, enable clear and superior calls. Nothing like zoning out that noisy neighbour with ease!

As workers continue step outside the office walls for meetings or to simply stretch their legs, the importance of quality audio endpoints grows.  Tools that create the same environment remotely, as you would find face-to-face are in high demand. Headsets elevate the role of voice within enterprises and make sure every employee’s voice rises above the noise – no matter where they sit.

As an IT professional, what tools do you have in place to ensure your employees’ voices are being heard? Feel free to share your thoughts below by leaving a comment.