One of the last things you want to hear is that a new business prospect tried to contact you, but wasn’t able to find your contact information. So I was particularly surprised to read a recent survey, which indicated that many SMBs are not making it easy for customers and prospects to get in touch.

SMB DigitalScape, a data collection and analysis engine developed by vSplash, recently analyzed one million SMB websites from 14 countries, including more than 700,000 in the U.S. The data indicated that:

  • Six out of 10 SMB websites in the U.S. are missing either a local or toll-free telephone number on the home page to contact the business.
  • 74.7 percent of SMB websites lack an email link on their home page for consumers to contact the business.
  • 65.7 percent of SMB websites lack a form-fill option to enable consumers to request information.

The survey also indicated that many SMBs are not yet leveraging the power of social media — only 19.5 percent have a link to a Facebook page and even fewer have links to Twitter and LinkedIn. Despite the pervasiveness of smartphones (see: “The new survival plan: wireless technologies”), 93.3 percent of the websites surveyed are not mobile compatible.

Gone are the days of thumbing through the Yellow pages. Another survey says that  “59 percent of consumers use Google every month to local a good local business.”   Having your contact information prominent makes it easier for customers and prospects to get in touch – not having it might encourage them to try elsewhere. The survey suggests that you might want to look at your website and see it needs a more user-friendly facelift, making sure contact information and links to it somewhere on the site are prominently displayed.  If you want to give ours a whirl, go to our site  and look for the “SMB Hotline!”