I recently attended the annual SpiceWorld conference in Austin, Texas, hosted by Spiceworks, where Plantronics was a Silver sponsor. For those of you who are not familiar with Spiceworks, they are known as the “Facebook of IT” among SMB organizations and have 1.7M members worldwide, known as “Spiceheads”. Spiceworks was founded on a software application that providesfree  network administration, help desk assistance and IT asset management.  The result was that after Spiceworks built it, IT Pros came, and this foundation evolved into a social network that provides a forum for all kinds of advice and best practices sharing, and daily fruitful (or should I say, “spicy”) conversations. Spiceheads earn chili pepper badges of varying degrees of hotness based on their participation in the community.

The Spiceworks community is inspiring because they truly function as a community. They support each other and provide a sounding board of opinions, experience and humor, all for free! We were grateful for all the Spiceheads who stopped by our booth to get updated on our latest products and to fill us in on their communications needs. What a smart and fun group! Our booth was packed!   

We also discovered that this community is secretly hiding professional-grade musical talent as evidenced by the live band karaoke performances at the Salt Lick BBQ. Spiceheads not only know how to manage networks, they know how to have fun! That’s why when the community goes offline to meet up at the annual SpiceWorld conference, it is full of friendly people and great times.

For you IT pros in small and medium businesses out there who would welcome a ready-made virtual user group and who have not yet joined Spiceworks, I highly recommend that you check Spiceworks out. It could be one of the best decisions you ever made.

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