Today’s hybrid work environment has created its own issues and challenges but new innovations in artificial intelligence are providing solutions. If workers feel disconnected or left out of a conversation it can lead to consequences in lowered productivity and employee buy-in. Alternatively, poor audio and video quality can hurt the professional image of individuals and your entire brand. Static, unchanged views of the entire room in an hour-long virtual meeting can disorient even the most attentive meeting participants. Both remote employees on the far end and the in-room participants lose their focus and become less engaged and productive.

Poly has partnered with Microsoft on advancing A.I technology that delivers an equitable experience for in-person, remote, and hybrid employees. This A.I. addresses issues with having workers in-office, remote, and on-the-go such as giving everyone in the room equal face time and voice. The way workers connect is changing every day and the future of work lies in A.I. Poly and Microsoft are proud to work together to continue introducing intelligent hardware and software features that will help all participants feel engaged, connected, and empowered on every call.

Poly Solutions and Microsoft Teams Rooms

Poly has pushed the envelope with our ground-breaking capabilities such as speaker tracking and AcousticFence technologies. We have been at the forefront of solving hybrid working problems with A.I solutions. Poly continues to work with Microsoft Teams to deliver seamless meeting experiences, using our innovations in camera and audio technology alongside Microsoft Teams Rooms. This includes intelligent features like Group Framing and industry-first technology like Conversation Mode and Presenter Tracking which provide effortless video conferencing.

Today, Microsoft announced the next wave in Teams Rooms innovations with a new category of intelligent cameras. There are three unique technologies that power this new category of intelligent cameras:

  • A.I.-powered active speaker tracking, enabling in-room cameras to use audio, facial movements, and gestures to detect who in the room is speaking, zooming in for a closer perspective. Poly has offered speaker tracking capabilities for many years and is proud to partner with Microsoft to bring it to Teams and Teams Rooms.
  • Multiple video streams that allow in-room participants to be placed in their own video pane.
  • People recognition, which will identify and display the profile name of enrolled users within their video pane.

When intelligent cameras are paired with Dynamic view in Teams, you can deliver more equitable meeting experiences where everyone feels seen and represented. As people join the meeting, Teams will automatically adjust various elements of the meeting, so remote participants can see the room and content with ease.

Advancing Meeting Equality

These Poly features paired with Microsoft Teams new capabilities advance meeting equity for everyone in the “room.” The combination of meeting A.I. innovation and professional-grade equipment sets every employee up for success.

Pairing Microsoft Teams with the right audio and video solutions—for both group and personal workspaces—ultimately determines how your employees experience and show up in virtual meetings. Professional-grade headsets, speakerphones, and external video cameras are the equalizers that elevate the virtual meeting experience for everyone in a Microsoft Teams meeting—no matter where they work.

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