When meeting with companies embarking on a UC audio device deployment we often hear questions like, “How do we know what communication preferences each employee has?”, “How do we get employees involved?” and “How do we best manage this process?”

Typically these questions are coming from the more savvy IT department who get it – they appreciate that to be successful they must consider the individual needs of employees and not just leave it to chance.

We all know that individuals like to be involved in any decision making that impacts them. Its human nature for all of us, especially when we know there is a choice. And to top that, how could you as the IT department, possible know all the individual employee preferences?

That’s why Plantronics just announced the UC Toolkit, UC Audio Device Catalog Tool. The Catalog Tool allows IT to create their own customized online audio device catalog with IT approved and supported devices. Employees can then use the tool to guide themselves to the right UC audio device, adhering to their specific phone devices and communication preferences.

The outcome …. IT are heroes as they are embracing employee preferences and allowing participation in the decision. Employees get an IT approved and supported UC audio device that does the job. Adoption rates increase!!

Check out the UC Toolkit, UC Audio Device Catalog Tool and get your employees involved.