Sococo, a social communications company, was formed in 2007, and is headquartered in Mountain View, California.  They had a simple dream, to make an interface that allowed you to not only communicate with your coworkers, but see their statuses.  Are they available or are they in a virtual meetings?  Some programs offer similar services, but don’t necessarily keep up with all the features that Sococo offers in “Team Space.”  Let’s take a look.

Team Space is a virtual office that allows you to see your co-workers availability and create your own meeting spaces.  It has a multitude of features that allow this to work seamlessly, combining the best features of many of the top communication applications on the market.  Imagine being able to see all your staff, no matter where they are located on the planet all on one screen.  Now imagine being able to see who is on a call, who is in a meeting with others, who is away from their desk, and who is available to chat.  This severely cuts down on missed communication efforts, and truly captures the spirit of what UC is all about – bringing people together without all the hassle and wasted time.

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  • Group Meetings: Team Space allows you to create virtual conference rooms that make it easy to gather your teammates and have a meeting with just a mouse click.  You can simply click to enter the room and voila, you are part of the meeting!
  • Sharing Documents: Document sharing is built in so it is easy to add an excel spreadsheet or Google Doc to a meeting when presenting. This cuts down on meeting preparation as you don’t have to email out copies of the documents ahead of time.
  • Screen Sharing: Team Space allows you to share your screen just like documents, so you can show off applications or even give trainings easily.

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  • Video Chat: Video is built in as well, allowing for video chat if you have a webcam on your desktop or laptop.
  • Privacy: You don’t always want people to join your meeting or interrupt you in your office, so Team Space allows you to close the “virtual door” requiring anyone who wants to join the conversation to knock first.  This prevents anyone from listening in or disturbing you when you are busy.
  • Outbound Calls: Clicking the phone icon allows you to make outbound calls from within Team Space, so you can include vendors or road warriors who are traveling.
  • IM: Instant Messaging is another feature allowed through the software, and can connect with users on Google Chat, Yahoo, MSN and AOL messengers as well, eliminating your need for multiple chat programs.

As an added benefit, Sococo has also worked with Plantronics to integrate their Spokes SDK, allowing your headset to set your status for you.  Donning the headset can indicate that you are ready and available to take a call.  Answer your cell, it will show you as busy.  This shows the length both Plantronics and Sococo have gone to make you the most productive you can be with the least amount of stress possible.  Check out the video below to see how Team Space and Plantronics headsets work together.

So check out Team Space here, and see all these features for yourself.  Let us know what you think in the comments!