Poly’s greatest resource is our people, so an important part of my job as CEO is making sure we are taking care of one another.  

I recognize that all of our daily lives have changed in so many ways over the last 18 months and each of us has had to adapt to our own unique challenges during this time. As we begin to travel for business again and go back into the office, it adds another layer of complexity to our lives. I’m currently in London, where I am visiting for the grand opening of a new Poly Customer Experience Center in the Gherkin Building. I speak for the entire Poly executive leadership team when I say, we are so grateful to our employees for all the hard work they continue to drive across every department. This is why we observed a company-wide global Wellness Day for Poly employees on Monday, October 4th.  

This day off gave corporate employees a chance to disconnect from work, recharge, spend time with family or friends, and focus on their wellbeing ahead of World Mental Health Day this Sunday. Everyone needs an extra day once in a while to focus on themselves and this is a great opportunity to get that much-needed and deserved day off.  

The typical workday has been thrown out the window and the lines around work and life are even more blurred, especially for caregivers. That’s why I also encourage our United States-based corporate employees to take advantage of our Flex Time Off policy, which provides an unlimited number of paid time off days. Poly employees are encouraged to work with their managers to schedule time off to take care of their family, drive their children to school, take a family member to the doctor, or a pet to the vet.  

At Poly, we ride together, and our employees’ health and wellbeing have always been and will continue to be our top priority. We believe in supporting our people in all aspects of their life. I truly want employees to feel like they can take the time that they need so they can bring their best and most authentic selves to work.