If you look at successful people it sometimes can be hard to find a common theme.  They all go to different schools, different upbringings, different study habits.  However, many of of them will have a similar morning routine.  If you follow some of these tips, I guarantee you will feel smarter, more effective, and make more of an impact at work.

  • Exercise – Exercising a little every morning, even for 15 or 20 minutes can make a huge difference.  It doesn’t have to be a super intense workout, it can simply be yoga, or a light jog.  Even some quick pushups before work will get your blood flowing and ready your body for the day.  Make time for it and you will thank me.
  • Eat Breakfast – No coffee doesn’t count.  This is really hard for me, so I understand.  I never make time for it, but it really is important.  Have some fruit, a banana, some toast.  Anything healthy.  An apple has more energy in it than a cup of coffee and it is worlds better for you.  Breakfast will give you the energy you need in those late morning hours when you start to drag.
  • Plan your Day Mentally – Map out your day and know what you need to get done.  Set goals and objectives for yourself.  This will give you little self-esteem boosts as you reach and pass each milestone throughout the day and will keep you on task.
  • Do the Worst First – Don’t save the thing you are dreading till the end of each day.  We all have that phone call we put off, or that form we dont want to fill out.  Just make it the first thing on your mental to do list.  Getting it done will make you feel so much better and reduce your stress.  If you wait it will hang over you all day (or all week if you procrastinate really bad).
  • Relax – I know, what a strange concept!  It seems like an odd thing to do at the start of a day, but it will help you stay focused.  Take 2 minutes to just sit and relax, without distraction.  Build this time into your routine.  You can meditate during this time, or listen to a calming song.  I personally like this one.
  • Smile – When you greet people smile and give an enthusiastic “Good Morning.”  Doesn’t matter if you ran out of toothpaste and forgot your lunch.  Smiling, whether you feel happy or not, releases some of the same chemicals into the brain making you feel happy.  Plus no one likes a grump in the morning.  Asking how someones morning or weekend was shows you care and is great team building.
  • Clean Your Workspace – Make sure you cleanup your work area every morning.  Clutter causes stress, and if you clean up every morning for 5 minutes, it will always be clean, and shouldn’t take very long.