5 ways Poly Studio can improve your Microsoft Teams Huddle Room 

It seems like every photo shown of a business in action these days features a bunch of people in a huddle room, looking productive – just like our own Poly beauty shot below.

But the technology that is IN the room really matters most to the people who are joining remotely – the people NOT in the room: Your sales team joining a Microsoft Teams meeting from the road. Your CFO joining a budgeting meeting from his cabin in the mountains. Your flexible workers joining small team brainstorms or regular staff. What you have in your huddle rooms can either make people more productive by making them more included … or can frustrate them with bad audio, choppy video or cameras pointed anywhere but at the speaker. If you’re moving to Teams, you want to be moving forward, now, with the best experiences. Poly’s new Studio USB video bar – now certified for Teams – can help. Time waits for no one, especially not in the enterprise where execution speed is critical.

Here are five ways Poly Studio can help improve your Teams experience:

#1 Poly Studio is Ready to Connect

To thrive in this new reality, office workers need huddle rooms for fast and impactful meetings. That’s one reason why huddle rooms have exploded in popularity in recent years. Huddle rooms have become the hub for ad-hoc spontaneous collaboration when the situation calls for quick, easy setup. The Poly Studio USB plug-and-play video bar brings meetings to life in a snap so you can get on with the business of innovating.



#2 Poly Studio is Ready to Focus on Who and What Matters

As a certified USB video bar, Poly Studio works with any Teams solution. Now that Poly Studio is Certified for Teams, you’ll be armed with the premium USB video bar that not only connects you quickly to your remote colleagues but brings you second-to-none visual quality. Picture this: You start a meeting, start to speak, and the camera “automagically” knows which person to zoom in on. Just as in real-life interactions when your eye automatically fixes on the person talking, Poly Studio mimics that reaction. Now your remote attendees feel more included, and can participate more fully.


#3 Poly Studio is Ready to Hear Every Nuance

Poly consistently rolls out products loaded with acoustic features based on decades of audio science. Poly Studio is the culmination of this acoustic excellence. Six beam forming mic arrays in Poly Studio mean that every word and vocal tone is picked up, for the maximum immersive audio experience with your remote colleagues. Full duplex speakerphones take the uncertainty out of any conversation. To keep the attention on those verbal nuances, intelligent features like Poly Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock automatically mute extraneous noises that come between you and crystal-clear communication with your team. That means everyone has to work a little less to hear what’s going on, so they have more energy left over to actually address your business challenges.



#4 Poly Studio is Ready to Manage

While Poly Studio and Teams form an ideal combination to hold the most productive meetings, the “behind the scenes” is just as satisfying. Management is as simple as it gets. Before Poly Studio came along, IT managers dreaded the walk from room to room to update each device. Now, they can push updates without leaving their desk. All they need is an internet connection!


#5 Poly Studio is Ready to Innovate

Too often, traditional meetings are bogged down by technical difficulties that discourage team members from speaking up and sharing their ideas. By the time the meeting gets up and running, attendees are discouraged, looking at the clock and only half-engaged.

What would happen if your meetings could not only transcend distance, but also remove all the barriers like choppy video, tinny audio, distracting background noise and bowling-alley views of your colleagues? Innovation—that’s what happens! The Poly Studio with Teams certification is designed to boost your best innovations.


Ready to Huddle

Poly and Microsoft are ready when are you are. Ready to brainstorm. Ready to solve problems. Ready to help you express yourselves clearly. Poly Studio, certified for Teams. We can’t wait to see, and hear, what ideas you’ll share.


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