It’s not often that you hear the words “mojo” and “meeting” used in the same sentence. No wonder – with today’s geographically distributed workforce, important discussions and brainstorming get the life squeezed out of them. If you’re IN the room, you struggle to get the meeting going, get everyone in the room and share content – if you don’t trip over the cords in the process. If you’re REMOTE, you can’t see who is speaking, you struggle to hear, and you feel like an afterthought to the main event. Not a lot of magic happening in all that!

Today Poly announced a new series of elegant and compact video conferencing devices plus other solution updates that change the game in four big ways.

First, as we announced from the stage at Zoomtopia in San Jose, Poly has made the Zoom Rooms experience better than ever with our radically simple Poly Studio X video bars that deliver the Zoom Rooms experience with no PC or Mac required. We’ve got decades of experience in understanding what makes meetings more human – for everyone in the room and those dialing in from other locations – and we’ve packed all of that into easy-to-install, easy-to-manage, and easy-to-use all-in-one powerhouses. Finally, the ease and simplicity of Zoom meets the enterprise-grade features that really make video work, including dual-screen-capable Zoom Rooms with the Poly Studio X50 – and no cable madness!

Second, Poly has brought the world of AV and video conferencing into the modern app economy. The Poly Studio X30 and Poly Studio X50 join the Poly G7500 in running a common platform that can be updated and enhanced through a series of regular software updates. What’s more, this Poly platform, built on Android, can run applications like a smartphone does today. In December, all three devices will run Zoom Rooms natively and support standards-based video technology. In early 2020 this reimagined video platform gets even more powerful, addressing the core challenge many businesses have of needing to switch between multiple cloud collaboration services in any given day. Poly was put together as a company to build the best devices – headsets, phones and video devices – that make your cloud service of choice better – and this is a huge step in that direction.

Third, Poly has introduced amazing new innovations that make any videoconference better. Our new Poly MeetingAI features use artificial intelligence and machine learning to address the distractions that hit your senses in a meeting. We make it easier to hear what’s being said by blocking out the annoying noises that people make while talking, including the typing, tapping, paper sliding and candy wrapper crinkling. We make it easier to see what’s going on in the room with the most advanced speaker tracking and framing with our built-in production rules. We even take care of the extra weight you seem to gain if you’re seated at the edge of the camera’s field of view. All of these features work regardless of which video conferencing service you are using, including Zoom today and more in the future.

All of that is great news – but there’s one more. What makes this amazing is that Poly is offering the new Studio X series at price points that completely reset the calculations on what it costs to outfit a room. The Studio X30, for huddle and smaller spaces, comes at an MSRP of just about $2,100, including the Poly TC8 touch controller. All you add is the Zoom cloud service and a monitor, and you have a room up and running for under $2,500.

Compare that to the tinker-toy solutions that require an external computing device, a controller, camera, speaker, microphones, monitor, multiple cables and Kensington locks, where you’d spend in excess of $3,000 and not come anywhere close to the audio and video quality that the Studio X series provides – both in and out of the room.

The Studio X30 and Studio X50, set to start shipping in December, are ideal for smaller and midsize conference rooms. The Poly G7500 shares the same platform and is available now, with the update for native Zoom Rooms coming in December. Together, these three solutions offer a complete refresh of Poly’s leading Group Series, but with more flexibility, simplicity and power.

So it’s time to get your mojo on, and go from “Can anyone hear me?” to “Hello, world! Ready for my closeup!” with Poly.