At long last, companies are preparing to go back to the office. This time around, life will be different due to the countless lessons learned over the past year about how work actually gets done. As it turns out, the number of hours sitting in the office doesn’t directly correlate to productivity. Video meetings can be just as fruitful as being huddled around the conference table when companies utilize professional-grade collaboration technology to ensuring equitable meetings.

That said, the role of the physical office will remain central to many organizations, and video collaboration will be the conduit that connects them to their remote or hybrid workforce and business partners. In these offices, video conferencing equipment may have been shut down or offline for a year due to the pandemic. Poly systems are robust and reliable; but if they are out of service for too long, there is a chance that they’ll need a bit of oil to get the wheels turning smoothly once more. With so much change afoot, the last thing you want to do is deal with the frustration of systems and software not operating as intended, which makes a Poly support contract for your UC solution more important than ever.


  1. Keep your tech up to date and secure – software updates prevent security vulnerabilities and harmful activities like hacking or data breach.
  1. Expert support when you need it most – Poly support provides assurance of access to technical experts as required and allows you to take advantage of the latest features through software updates.
  1. Peace of mind – Support offers a safety net should you encounter issues with your Poly equipment. For instance, with Poly’s standard support offering, replacement parts will be sent out to you, wherever you are, the next business day..
  1. Budgeting clarity – Not only does renewing support allow your team to maximize the user experience, but it also allows IT organizations to effectively plan and budget. By investing in a Poly support agreement upfront, you eliminate the risk of incurring unforeseen costs down the line – so you can stick to your yearly budget and rest assured knowing that Poly will support you.


As employees return to the office and companies prepare for this new hybrid working reality, most are laser-focus on optimizing business continuity while providing employees with a streamlined remote collaboration experience that enables them to communicate with clarity and professionalism. This time of reimagination and transition only magnifies the importance of a Poly support agreement as businesses rely on video more than ever before.


Poly has a support solution for your “Next Normal”, whether it be a return to the office, hybrid, or work from home. Our team of service professionals works closely with Poly partners and clients to tailor support solutions that align with a company’s short and long-term business objectives and goals.

Start planning your hybrid working model with Poly’s free 20-minute consultation call with one of our UC experts or contact your Poly Partner or Account Manager to learn more Support Contracts for your UC deployment.

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