ware_smarter_customer_interactions_redhead_screen_rgb_11mar15-1This week it seems that the whole world is congregating in Las Vegas at Amazon Web Services re:Invent 2017. One area of special interest to Plantronics at re:Invent is Amazon Connect.

Amazon Connect, which was released earlier this year, is a cloud-based contact center solution that is based on Amazons own internal contact center technology. Since the launch, Plantronics have been actively listening to and garnering feedback on how we can assist our customers develop the best user experience for their CSR’s with this platform. Based on this feedback we are glad to announce that we are providing sample code to integrate Plantronics headsets with Amazon Connect, demonstrating the open nature of our software.

The sample code and a full list of requirements are available on GitHub allowing developers and system integrators to improve the CSR experience when using a Plantronics Headsets by providing remote call control direct from the headset.

The sample code provided shows one way that Amazon Connect CCP (Contact Control Panel), Amazon Connect Streams API and the Plantronics Hub client-side REST API can be integrated to provide headset remote call control (RCC).

This integration via the Plantronics Hub client-side REST API, furthermore means that customers can connect their Plantronics Hub clients to a Plantronics Manager Protenant. This would enable them to provide the end user’s IT admin with bulk management and insights reporting functionality.

The sample code also shows developers how to include more accurate agent availability status, based on the physical connection of the headset to the supported DA70/DA80/DA90 USB adapter.

Have a great re:Invent 2017