With the new year approaching I can only help but think of all the neat tech I will be using next year.  Technology moves incredibly fast.  Most items only last about six months before they are outdated or replaced by something more efficient.  The top of the line today will be obsolete this time next year.  So let’s take a minute to look at some predictions of what will be on our store shelves next year.

  • Apple iWatch – Right now this is just a rumor, but most of the community is pretty sure of its existence.  I bet we will see some sort of wearable tech made by Apple in 2014.  It will be sleek and well built, and will have hoards of people lining up to get it.
  • Google SmartWatch – Okay so we pretty much know this is being built.  They have to compete somehow right?  I bet we will see this by Summer, and it will be awesome.
  • Steambox – For you gamers out there, Valve’s Steambox has been teased for a couple of years now.  It will be a linux based modular PC/Console running a Steam OS.  It will be the greatest thing for PC gamers since energy drinks.
  • Less Desktop/Laptop Promotion – I think it is likely that desktops and laptops will become even less marketed and sold than they are now.  We have become so used to touch-based devices, I think companies are going to stop selling devices without it.  This is really an easy prediction, considering Microsoft is stopping the sale of Windows 7 retail copies, and Windows 8 is really meant for touch devices.
  • Cheaper High-Quality Tablets – I am hoping this one is true, but I really do think we will see cheaper quality tablets.  As more companies start releasing Windows/Android/iOS based tablets, I think that we will see more competitive prices.
  • Linux based Devices – I have been eagerly waiting for this to happen, and I think 2014 is the year.  Linux based smart phones and tablets are bound to start releasing.  There is a market, and the OS versions offer lots of variety.  Some Linux based systems have already developed touch devices, and it is only a matter of time before one is released.
  • Wearable Technology – I know we already have watches and headsets, but I think fashion will continue to mix with technology.  I bet we will see rings, necklaces, bracelets, and obviously glasses that will be connected and provide some sort of function.